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The text message says ' your shipping information missing an address, so your parcel cannot be delivered '. It asks me to upload the correct shipping information on a link they have sent me, but I not expecting anything!

Call type: Prank Call

Company: royal mail service

By Debbie Apr 14, 2024



By Dex Apr 14, 2024



By Dex Apr 14, 2024


whatsapp enquiry

By Mike Gee Apr 13, 2024


someone asking to be added to whatsapp

By Mike Gee Apr 13, 2024


could not understand what the person was saying

Company: none

By TC Apr 13, 2024


Think its a scam

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Evri

By Albaboy Apr 12, 2024


recieved a call from this number on 2/2/24 claimed to be a dectective sargeant from met polic. however whe dialing back the number is now incorrect and shows up on fake number sites saying 0787 numbers are usually scam calls

Company: met police

By incorrect number Apr 12, 2024


Random number

Call type: Prank Call

By Jess Apr 12, 2024


dubious recorded call

Company: n/a

By Harold Apr 12, 2024


Number is not known to me

Company: Didn't get to answer the call

By Patricia Higney Apr 12, 2024


Call received from this number on my mobile. Automated message saying from HMRC and to Press 1 to discuss issue.

Company: HMRC

By Nootz Apr 12, 2024


£1215 was paid for flight which I did not get back as they promised to transfer back into my bank. We fall out because they want to change my date and I declined.

Call type: SMS

Company: HELLO FARE Flight Agent Company .(Fake)

By AS Apr 12, 2024


Called at 2.21 and 2.22am. Calls were not answered by me

By Val Apr 12, 2024


Fraud in my account

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Sainsburys

By Lesley Apr 11, 2024


unrecognised contact, apparently a 'premium' number to call

Company: no message

By Tony M Apr 11, 2024


Robotic voice that said "immigration beurou". I immidiately hung up because it was likely a scam and I'm not someone the immigration beurou should be calling.

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By Cookie Apr 11, 2024


Constantly calling 3/4 times a day. Never leave message. Becoming a very real nusiance

By Mrs h Apr 11, 2024


Keep ringing. Then said they were checking for damp!

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Refused

By Fiona Marshall Apr 11, 2024


I just wanted to know who it is to decide whether to contact them

Company: They did not say

By Miss brookes Apr 11, 2024


Numerous numbers calling every day for 6 weeks. Politely asked them to stop. They continue to call

Call type: Harassment call

Company: Market. com

By Dave Apr 11, 2024


I stopped call as self employed and hmrc would go through my accountant

Company: Customs and revenue

By Jaxsey Apr 11, 2024


I got a call at 22:15 IT rang I put it on silent

Company: Think Vodafone phone but I'm on 02 tho

By George Apr 10, 2024


Text received only content £17, number unknown to me

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By Suspicious Apr 10, 2024


Unsolicited phone call about a crypto scam . Claimed they could recover my funds

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: national cyber security

By ianvwk Apr 10, 2024


called claiming to be from Microsoft about my computer . When I said that I did not want to talk to him he would not keep quiet and when I said it was a scam call he threatened me that the call was recorded and I should watch what I say. He would notlet me explain that the number was a TPS number and that my computer was on a VPN system so technically they couldn't trace it. [aor should not be able to]

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Microsoft

By Robert Lawe Apr 10, 2024


Automated message concerning immigration/ visa

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By x Apr 10, 2024


Handset lights up, no ringing sound displays NO Number,20 such calls during last night

By Norman D Fairley Apr 10, 2024


Number keeps appearing on my mobile. I never answer. Suspect it's a scam

By Grave Apr 10, 2024


Call from noisy background

Company: Amazon

By Jane Apr 10, 2024


The call came through sounding like electronic interference. Very disconcerting.

By Sue Ball Apr 10, 2024


Think its a scam

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Gumtree

By Ed Apr 9, 2024


I received a text saying they were Evri couriers and telling me that a parcel being sent to me has been damaged and the outer wrapping is no good that had the delivery information has been lost so the parcel cannot be delivered so can I contact them with instructions for delivery. I think this is a scam but want to make sure it is not a parcel that has been sent to me by someone in Wales?

Call type: SMS

Company: Evri

By Rosebud Apr 9, 2024


I know is not passport office cause it should have appeared on my phone

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Hm passport office

By Ah Apr 9, 2024


Short number of rings, no message left.

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By Peter Apr 9, 2024


they said I was due some money in my bank account and had my details.

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: did noy say

By Margaret Speakman. Apr 8, 2024


Hung up

Company: 3 rings

By Batman Apr 8, 2024


Suspected fraud or scam

By James Persse Apr 8, 2024


This number proported to be from Royal Mail about a parcel and wanted credit card details came in as message not call

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By BJH Apr 8, 2024


The guy who called me said that he was from Amazon customer service

Company: Amazon

By Phil Apr 8, 2024


Missed call. Phoned back. Was charged 51p for 7 seconds as for reasons unknown nit was traeted as outside my call plan.

By Gary Apr 8, 2024



By s Apr 8, 2024


This is my own, legitimate, number allocated by the various computer systems. Sorry if it looks weird, but it isn't. "Guys & Dolls" fans will understand.

Call type: Trustworthy

Company: Definitely me.

By Arvide Abernathy Apr 8, 2024


called on my phone about un locking

Company: EE {TM]

By ann gray Apr 8, 2024


possible scam'

By Nathan Apr 7, 2024


They called me at 10.30 pm

By Lily Apr 7, 2024


No reply but severa calls to me

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

By Dee2025 Apr 7, 2024


Texted me and told me where I live

By Adam patel Apr 7, 2024



By Delayne/ peter Apr 6, 2024


Phoned around noon picked it up Some mumbling and collect call Husband hung up the phone

Call type: Harassment call

Company: No

By Mary Apr 6, 2024