Telephone Number 0844 412 0059

Number: 0844 412 0059

Number type: Non-geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 0844, which is used for fixed-rate or special-rate services.

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Do you have an Alarm system? CIA Alarms use this number to secretly generate additional revenue, I am in dispute with them!

Company: CIA Alarms - Alarm Monitoring Centre

By CIA Alarms covertly use revenue sharing numbers Dec 14, 2017

Since February 2016 this number is being automatically dialled from my landline, for 25 seconds, every single day at 8am. I never use my landline but just decided to check my outgoing calls via my TalkTalk account. I am being charged 11p for each call, but I am not making these calls and I live alone! I tried ringing this number and all I could hear were a series of beeps on the line - no human answered the phone. TalkTalk have had me on the line for hours with staff with poor English so I'm pulling my hair out! Is anyone else having this problem? Automatic calls being generated from your landline?

By Eileen Apr 29, 2016

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