Telephone Number 0844 704 5998

Number: 0844 704 5998

Number type: Non-geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 0844, which is used for fixed-rate or special-rate services.

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Called by co offering me a loan even though I am on benefits. I was given this number as a contact number by a girl called Pamela. After agreeing to all terms and conditions and given all my necessary details I was then informed I would have to pay a fee of £59 and this would be taken from my debit card. Although nothing had been signed, the call had been recorded and because I had verbally agreed to terms and conditions I was told I had agreed to this although it was worded completely differently so I was unaware I was agreeing to this. In the end, I had to immediately call my bank, inform them what had happened and cancel my debit card.

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: They didn't, I was passed through to her by a brok

By scott Dec 8, 2014

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