Telephone Number 0845 429 0022

Number: 0845 429 0022

Number type: Non-geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 0845, which is used for fixed-rate or special-rate services.

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We get calls from this number two or three times every day. We never pick up, but wish it would stop.

Company: N/A

By Birky May 3, 2016

Out of about 30 unwanted calls in the past few months, I have logged 10 that want to install a new boiler in my house. I do not have a boiler, being all electric. I usually listen to the recorded message and press 8 or 9 to have my number removed from their list. It doesn't work, because I was called on the above number again 3 days later. These calls may come from different sources, but they are stressful and time-wasting. Is there a central source I can contact to stop these calls?

Call type: Aggressive advertising

Company: The calls are often hard to decipher, but seem to

By Chessie Apr 29, 2016

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