Telephone Number 0845 602 1111

Number: 0845 602 1111

Number type: Non-geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 0845, which is used for fixed-rate or special-rate services.

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Like others, I'm being plagued by calls from this number at all times of day and night. I don't answer.

By susan May 14, 2019

Repeated silent calls, bloody anoying

By kernomike Feb 24, 2019

This number has been calling my landline all morning & for 6th time as I type!! Really annoying as not leaving message!! Haven’t answered as I don’t recognise the number ...

By Trish Jan 29, 2019

It keeps calling my home phone but I don't answer it just very annoying as calls all hours day and night i am ex directly and not with by either so even more annoying because of all this

Company: Don't know as don't answer phone

By Noddy Oct 1, 2018

This number has been persistently phoning me all hours of the day. Yesterday I received 12 calls, the last one being at 10.23pm. Luckily they were all intercepted by my 'call guardian' phone. I have now blocked the number and am informing the TPS, not that I would imagine it will do any good. have no idea the nature of the caller as answering would only put me on an 'active' register. This is a kind of stalking isn't it?

By Arniesdad Dec 12, 2017

I do not have BT. I am with a different supplier. This number has rung me at 17.42, 17.53, 18.13 and 18.43 today 13th Nov. 2017. I am severely Disabled. My Mum, who lives 15 miles away is severely Disabled and has a Life Line. My daughter is Disabled. I am a Registered Vulnerable Adult. If this continues I will go to the Police. The nuisance calls come from your BT service so why don't you deal with this atrocity appropriately?

Call type: Harassment call

By Eve Nov 13, 2017

Was called at 3am in the morning followed by another call at 07.30. It was a pre recorded message from BT (supposedly) outlining some deal wrt to text messages. Didn't listen beyond the first five seconds but slammed the phone down feeling extremely angry.

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: BT

By WGM Aug 23, 2017

This number rang my landline ELEVEN TIMES IN A 24 hour period between 23rd and 24th March. Didn't answer and no messages left = harassment

By Unhappy Mar 29, 2017

Sat/Sun 5th 6th November, early hours . this is harassment I most certainly did not get out of bed to answer it. How can it be blocked?

Call type: Harassment call

By Savbo Nov 6, 2016

Recorded message pm re-winter windows! I never let them finish, arseholes.

Call type: Aggressive advertising

Company: Did not go that far

By Savbo Nov 4, 2016

Recorded message claims to be from BT telling me that there is a message to be picked up. I ring off. They try again, and again, and again. I am sure this is a scam. I am not with BT.

Call type: SMS

Company: BT

By lizmcc Sep 1, 2016

This number keeps calling my home number...VERY annoying!! I do not pick up as don't recognise it. Latest call was last night at 22.00 hrs then today almost every hour since 9.00 a.m .Have enabled call barring for this number through my Landline supplier. Hope it works!

By Treece Aug 4, 2016

they ring 4or 5 times a day up until 9pm I do not answer but do not leave a message

Company: unknown

By libby Mar 23, 2016

This no. Rang at approx 9.00pm Sunday evening and again at 9.50pm did not answer as no. Unknown to me, also no message left.

Company: No message

By Sunset Jan 31, 2016

This call rang at 09:30 - 15/10/2015 - no message left - another time wasting call!

Call type: Harassment call

Company: unknown

By DAH Oct 15, 2015

It's the by messaging service

Call type: SMS

Company: bt

By stephens Aug 25, 2015

Been calling for a few days several times a day aright pain in the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Company: Didn't say

By blueandfedup Aug 15, 2015

This number has been calling once every hour since 11.00 today. Does not leave a message, I do not answer to callers I do not recognise. My number is on TPS listing, should this be happening?

By Anne Fitzpatrick Jun 30, 2015

This number is persistently hassling us. As of 16:00h we have been called 6 times today alone, and many times during recent weeks too. Would love to block the number if I knew how!

Call type: Harassment call

Company: No message left

By Traveldee May 20, 2015

Call received 01.24. Did not answer as I did not recognise the No. have been left voicemails from same No. in past did not answer same for same reason.

By Nick May 7, 2015

08456021111 called today at 10.01 ... I don't answer any I don't recognise

Call type: Harassment call

Company: They did not leave a message

By ted Mar 19, 2015

Called my works telephone number 25 times in a 24 hour period. Did not answer. Did not leave a message

Call type: Harassment call

By Julian Hyatt Mar 11, 2015

This number called 5 times yesterday I did not answer but they did not leave a message

By AMac Feb 26, 2015

Late Evening Calls Did not Answer ? Due to lateness, @ 20 minute intervals No Messages Left.

Company: No Message left

By MD9369 Feb 23, 2015

Ringing all day till late , did not answer phone and they did not leave a message. Not the first time we have had this number call us

By Jethebean Feb 21, 2015

Had to disconnect my phone at after caller ringing all day, no idea who it is as I did not answer.

By fixie Jan 28, 2015

Persistent calls but will not leave a message as who they are or what they want.

By radioboy1 Jan 27, 2015

Late evening call

Company: unanswered

By Carol Davison Jan 17, 2015

Have repeated calls from this number stating it is an Sms service

Call type: Harassment call

By anoula Dec 26, 2014

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