Telephone Number 0114 303 5054

Number: 0114 303 5054

Number type: Geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 0114, which is the area code for Sheffield.

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This number left a 7 minute voicemail which sounded like lots of people talking in a call centre. Out of curiosity I listened to the whole message to see if I could work out what is was about and was astounded to hear the caller talk about how many more months he had left in prison and his crimes to a nearby person. No idea what's going on here but it's added to my block list

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: Not applicable

By Andream May 30, 2019

Called by this number no message left

Call type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Company: Didn't say but was telephony services

By Keithd Apr 24, 2019

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