Telephone Number 01252 765511

Number: 01252 765511

Number type: Geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 01252, which is the area code for Aldershot.

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When you answer your phone and if it's a number you don't recognise, DON'T SPEAK JUST LISTEN! Wait for the caller to speak first and then decide whether to simply put the phone down. If it's a recorded message, it'll nearly always be a scam or a computer dialling a batch of numbers in sequence and trying to ascertain if the number they have just dialled is a voice line, i.e. a private phone number. If the system recognises a voice line then that number will be added to a list for their agent to call you back. NEVER EVER give any personal information. If they say it's important, then tell them to write to you, but don't offer your address. They will almost certainly start fishing for further information and may ask things like, "Are you Mr/Mrs ......?" Don't give any information! "Do you live at...?" Again don't give any information! You can ask who they are if you wish and why they are calling you? Don't worry about being impolite, you can just put the phone down at any time, don't even say goodbye. If you're game, try and waste as much of their time as possible. A good ruse my neighbour often uses is to pretend you're nuts or have dementia , i.e. reply to their questions with things like "I don't know, my neighbour is leaving soon for today's moon flight and I have to take his sandwiches." or another is, "My nurse is arriving soon, I'll put her on the phone when she arrives, just hang on please." Then leave the phone off the hook. It's absolutely guaranteed that any responses like this will drive your caller crazy as it's becoming clear to them that they will be unlikely to ever scam you and usually don't phone again. These parasites are trying to make so many calls an hour, so the more of their time you can waste the better for everyone. Wasting their precious time is a really great way to get some payback for all these nuisance calls, and believe me it really does (excuse my French) piss them off! It's worth making a list of all unknown numbers that call you, it's the area code being used that's particularly important, for example "01252" of say 01252765511 is the area code for Aldershot. The scammers will often use different numbers but the area code will 'usually, but not always' remain the same. Finally, if ever they pretend to be from your bank - never give any information. Use your neighbours phone not your own to call the bank and never call any numbers the caller might have given you. It's always best in these circumstances to go into your bank and speak to someone. I hope this helps.

Call type: Debt collection company

Company: CapQuest

By Security Specialist Jan 28, 2020

liying cheats

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: ballshit

By smith Jul 31, 2015

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