Telephone Number 01424 278103

Number: 01424 278103

Number type: Geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 01424, which is the area code for Hastings.

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Guy from express estate agency phoned asking about house valuation I requested. don't think I did. Call type: unsolicited advertising Company: express estate agency

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: Express Estate Agency

By Cliffy Jul 5, 2019

Calling me several times a day just don’t answer it as I’m not interested in unsolicited calls. Thought the government were cracking down on these types of calls!!

Call type: Telemarketer

By Maureen Jul 30, 2018

Aggressive woman says shes from express estate agency just received another call 11.30 30/07/18 that is the 40th today. I think now the police need to be involved as this is harassment, I have no way of knowing who she is or why she is targeting me but I have no way of finding anything out. Express estate agency are denying it has anything to do with them, but it certainly is damaging their company so maybe they should try and sort it out also.

Call type: Aggressive advertising

Company: express estate agency Hastings.

By june weathes Jul 30, 2018

This number (woman) has called me over 20 times over several weeks/months, Aggressive, wanting information regarding my home and selling? I told them not to call and I dont need their services. They are now harassing me to the point of being ill. I contacted Express estate agency nationwide asking them if this agent in Hastings was part of their business would they do something about it, they also were not interested.

Call type: Aggressive advertising

Company: express estate agency Hastings.

By Express estate agency victim Jun 11, 2018

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