Telephone Number 01268 833157

Number: 01268 833157

Number type: Geographic numbers

Number information: This number has the code 01268, which is the area code for Basildon.

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A very polite girl called today and told me the company name and phone number (the second time I asked). They are Solar Therm, based in Basildon, seem genuine (I've just been onto their website) but since I never deal with companies who cold call me on my TPS registered number, they are on a loser. I will now report them to the TPS who will smack their wrists!

Call type: Telemarketer

Company: Solar Therm

By Peter Jan 17, 2018

Caller disconnected. This is one of a number of disconnecting calls from the 01268 area

Company: Caller disconnected

By ce47 Jan 16, 2018

I have had two calls at 10 a.m. on successive days both of which have put the phone down as soon as I answered. I have TPS and am ex directory.

By WENDY HOWES Jan 16, 2018

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